Sharma Crawford

Undocumented individuals are some of the most vulnerable members of society. Perpetrators target some, some are trafficked by offenders and for some, they are abused by those they trust. If you are facing a crisis that has left you feeling alone and scared, the attorneys at Sharma-Crawford are here for you. Schedule a confidential consultation to learn about your rights and to see if you are eligible for protections under the immigration laws. Whether it is a visa for a victim of crime, a trafficking victim or a victim of domestic abuse, the immigration laws may protect you from further harm. Get the help you need and leave fear behind for a brighter day. Call us today.


At the present time and until further notice, Sharma-Crawford Attorneys at Law is only accepting zoom, skype, or phone consultations or appointments. While there are limited in-person services (fingerprinting, dropping off documents or payments, and signing of forms), these must be coordinated with our office staff. We are fully operational and all client needs are being addressed. Please call us at 816-994-2300 to speak to someone directly.

Covid-19 changed everything and we have now adopted a new way to do things which make us more efficient, more productive and most of all, more able to meet our client’s needs faster. We look forward to seeing you from the comfort of your home, office, car, or wherever you may be!

Thank you!