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At Sharma-Crawford Attorneys at Law, we safeguard the rights of non-citizens aggressively with honesty and dedication. Our team, known for its deep understanding of complex immigration litigation, focuses on creating honest relationships with our clients and relentlessly defending their rights.

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Why We Win

Our winning strategy stems from over 20 years of immigration law expertise, deeply rooted in diverse global experiences. We are dedicated to delivering the finest advice and representation, with meticulously prepared cases supported by robust research and writing skills. Our approach respects and involves clients, understanding the value of their narratives in winning cases. Our passion for uniting families and upholding rights fuels our success. Our holistic legal practice builds trust, drives results, and fosters lifelong relationships, making us leaders in both the courtroom and the community.

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Our Approach

Our approach is fearless and client-focused. Recognized nationally for tackling challenging cases, we persevere where others may falter. Our commitment is to hold the government accountable and protect your rights, employing innovative and straightforward legal strategies to navigate the U.S. immigration system.

Our Mission

Dedicated to addressing your legal needs, we believe in clear, practical solutions for complex immigration issues. Our team’s focus is on providing comprehensive, accurate advice and representation, understanding the stress and challenges you face. We work collaboratively with each client, ensuring they are informed and prioritized throughout their legal journey.

Meet Our Team

Rekha Sharma-Crawford

Partner and Managing Attorney

William M. Sharma-Crawford

Partner and Co-founder

Lucy Betteridge

Immigration Attorney

From our Clients: Real Success Stories

    Hands down the best immigration attorney. I have worked with some other attorneys in past but Mrs. Sharma- Crawford is a masterpiece. I will highly recommend her to everyone she is a straight shooter and always advices righteously. Thank you for everything.

      I am always afraid of judgement when I go to places. As a trans Indian, I am used to a lot of discrimination. I had a very comfortable experience with this law firm. Rekha Ma'am was very kind to me and treated me warmly. Thank you for making me feel safe and un-judged.

        "We went to several other attorneys for an initial meeting. We felt overwhelmed and confused. Someone in the community told me to go and see this firm. I was very pleased. I can tell you that they were the only ones who took the time to really explain my case to me."

          We have known Michael and his team over 10 years. He’s consistently given us sound advice and excellent service. He’s been exceptionally easy to talk to and quick with our requests. Best lawyer we know! A blessing to our family.

            Had an emergency during the COVID-19 lockdown. They were rockstars. Thank you so so much!

            Read about Previous Rulings and Victories

            At Sharma-Crawford Attorneys at Law, our track record of ruling victories is a testament to our unwavering commitment and exceptional legal expertise in immigration law. Read all about our notable achievements in court, illustrating our dedication to justice and our clients’ success. Each victory here reflects our deep understanding of the law and our ability to navigate complex legal challenges effectively.


            At the present time and until further notice, Sharma-Crawford Attorneys at Law is only accepting zoom, skype, or phone consultations or appointments. While there are limited in-person services (fingerprinting, dropping off documents or payments, and signing of forms), these must be coordinated with our office staff. We are fully operational and all client needs are being addressed. Please call us at 816-994-2300 to speak to someone directly.

            Covid-19 changed everything and we have now adopted a new way to do things which make us more efficient, more productive and most of all, more able to meet our client’s needs faster. We look forward to seeing you from the comfort of your home, office, car, or wherever you may be!

            Thank you!