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An Immigration Attorney Abroad

Being an immigration attorney, one gets to meet people from all over the world. The lives of our clients provide a unique opportunity to be aware of world cultures and world events. Often the things that divide us and the things that uplift us are more shared than not. The desire to provide a safe, loving environment for our families, the need to be able to trust our governments, the hope of a better future for our children and the dream of calling a small part of the earth as our very own, all connects us in ways that we are often quick to overlook. And yet, when it comes to the immigration debate, we cut corners and allow the news media, the politicians and our own insecurities drive the narrative. One reason for this may be that many Americans never venture outside of the US. That really needs to change.

Traveling the world is a remarkable thing. Little else provides such prospective. These journeys provide the opportunity to understand that there is room for celebrating both assimilation as well as differences. An added, yet important, benefit is that American travelers are provided a glimpse into how other countries view the U.S. Understanding how the world views us is essential if we are ever going to get past our current state of affairs: a government that does not function, a media that does not inform, systems that do not value education, the elderly, the poor or our military vets. The residents of countries abroad all ask, “how long can they let this continue?”

Stepping out of the U.S., it becomes evident that there are countries where the right of the people and the work of the government seem more aligned. In those places the government works for the people and the people demand more of each other. While no country is perfect it is refreshing to see courtesy, respect and understanding from, individuals, corporations and the government itself.

There are immigrants in every country. Traveling abroad promotes an understanding that the dreams we have are really no different from one another. It also shows that there are a variety of immigration systems that may provide an answer to America’s broken immigration system. Systems that value cultural diversity while setting up an orderly and timely process that allows individuals to avoid reacting out of desperation. People, as a general rule, want to do the right thing, in the right way, for the right reasons. That need is in our global DNA.

Writing this from half way around the world, it seems clear that America has lost its way. Sitting in a nation where the headlines are more concerned about the well being of its people as opposed to the most recent Kardashian crisis, America has much to ponder.

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